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 Scientology's cracked pot.
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SFN Die Hard

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Posted - 07/19/2005 :  06:35:38  Show Profile Send filthy a Private Message
This is not the best nor most complete history of L. Ron Hubbard I've seen, but it's a good primer for those not too familiar with this failed screever, successful con artist, and general dingbat, and his wretched legacy to the world. I did not put it in Religion because in my somewhat humble opinion, it is not; it is a grift and a nasty one at that.
L. Ron Hubbard
Scientology's esteemed founder.
By Michael Crowley
Posted Friday, July 15, 2005, at 3:16 PM PT

Our summer of Tom Cruise's madness and Katie Holmes' creepy path toward zombie bridedom has been a useful reminder of how truly strange Scientology is. By now those interested in the Cruise-Holmes saga may be passingly familiar with the church's creation myth, in which an evil, intergalactic warlord named Xenu kidnaps billions of alien life forms, chains them near Earth's volcanoes, and blows them up with nuclear weapons. Strange as Scientology's pseudo-theology may be, though, it's not as entertaining as the life story of the church's founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

To hear his disciples tell it, Hubbard, who died in 1986, was the subject of "universal acclaim" and one of the greatest men who ever lived. Not only did he devise the church's founding theory of Dianetics, which promises to free mankind of psychological trauma, he was a source of wisdom about everything from jazz music to nuclear physics. The official Web site dedicated to his life features subsites that expound upon his brilliant callings: "The Humanitarian," "The Philosopher," "The Writer," "The Artist," "The Poet/Lyricist," "The Music Maker," "The Yachtsman," and "Adventurer/Explorer: Daring Deeds and Unknown Realms." Visitors can hear an audio recording of Hubbard singing one of his own poems or learn about the soundtrack he composed for his 1,000-page sci-fi epic Battlefield Earth (later brought to Hollywood by Scientologist John Travolta). Hubbard's composition "utilized elements from several genres—from honky-tonk and free-swinging jazz to cutting-edge electronic rock. The result is a wholly new dimension in space opera sound." (Sign me up for a copy!)

There's a deep chasm between the erudite, noble Hubbard of Scientology myth and the true identity of the church's wacky founder. To those not in his thrall, Hubbard might be better described as a pulp science-fiction writer who combined delusions of grandeur with a cynical hucksterism. Yet he turned an oddball theory about human consciousness—which originally appeared in a 25-cent sci-fi magazine—into a far-reaching and powerful multimillion-dollar empire. The church now claims about 8 million members in more than 100 countries. The slow creep of Scientology's anti-drug programs into public schools, the presumably tens of millions of dollars the church keeps with the help of its tax-exempt status, and the accusations that the church has convinced people to hand over their life savings, make Hubbard's bizzarro legacy seem less like tragicomedy and more like a scandal. Comparable crackpots-in-chief like Lyndon LaRouche and Sun Myung Moon have had almost no detectable national influence. But famous Scientologists—Cruise, Travolta, the singer Beck, and even—say it ain't so!—the voice of Bart Simpson, have given Hubbard a veneer of popular credibility and his church a perpetual recruitment ticket.

I was mildly shocked to see that Bart Simpson's voice included as a Scientologist. One hopes he take a page from his part's book and tell 'em to, "Eat my shorts!" when (if) he drops out.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that Scientology is illegle in France and Germany.

"What luck for rulers that men do not think." -- Adolf Hitler (1889 - 1945)

"If only we could impeach on the basis of criminal stupidity, 90% of the Rethuglicans and half of the Democrats would be thrown out of office." ~~ P.Z. Myres

"The default position of human nature is to punch the other guy in the face and take his stuff." ~~ Dude

Brother Boot Knife of Warm Humanitarianism,

and Crypto-Communist!

Dave W.
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Posted - 07/19/2005 :  07:16:43   [Permalink]  Show Profile  Visit Dave W.'s Homepage Send Dave W. a Private Message
Originally posted by filthy

I was mildly shocked to see that Bart Simpson's voice included as a Scientologist. One hopes he take a page from his part's book and tell 'em to, "Eat my shorts!" when (if) he drops out.
The voice of Bart Simpson.

- Dave W. (Private Msg, EMail)
Evidently, I rock!
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SFN Addict

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Posted - 07/19/2005 :  07:22:14   [Permalink]  Show Profile  Visit pleco's Homepage Send pleco a Private Message
I wasn't aware of Beck either...

by Filthy
The neo-con methane machine will soon be running at full fart.
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Skeptic Friend

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Posted - 07/19/2005 :  12:10:19   [Permalink]  Show Profile Send trishran a Private Message
Quote from Filthy: The slow creep of Scientology's anti-drug programs into public schools...

Yet another example of the unintended consequences of the ill-conceived War on Drugs. Even as unpopular a religion as Scientology can get a foot into the public schools, as long as they say, "Drugs are bad." [And how did a country founded on the right to the pursuit of happiness end up making TV ads that bark at people to not do drugs, and to treat their kids like little suspects?]

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