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Posted - 06/27/2019 :  16:10:11  Show Profile Send vinecutter a Private Message  Reply with Quote

This message is being sent in the belief there may be more
then a few entities of conscience and wisdom who understand the
urgency and necessity of what is about to be proposed and may
have the contacts to do something about it. In addition to
the billions of humanity exposed to extreme suffering past and
present; our increasing subjection may be close to the point
where escape from future incarnations will become increasingly
more difficult, if not impossible.

We have identified the ultimate source/manifestation of moral
evil in this matrix, as psychopaths with their myriad agendas.
So far, all attempts at resolution of this issue have eluded
us and until recently a viable, comprehensive solution was not

About a decade ago a convergence of developing technologies
created an Overton type window giving us a long-sought after
opportunity to create a final solution to this infestation.

The solution begins with the psychopathic penchant for
weaponizing every technology created from our creative,
imaginative minds. Case in point; viruses and cancers.
There are dozens of bio-weapon labs operating around the
world, with all sorts of concoctions sitting on the shelves
waiting to be deployed. The problem is these devices are
generally broad spectrum in application and we need to
create something aimed specifically at psychopaths.

The first and most logical place to look would be for
divergent genetic markers located in our DNA. We could spend
decades looking for something that may not exist. It seems
obvious that psychopaths do believe there is a genetic
cause as they are constantly inbreeding. This genetic angle
may turn out to be a red herring as very little in this
matrix is what it seems to be. Another explanation could be
demonic inter-dimensional entities incarnating and reworking
human brains for their purposes.

Why should we consider the latter concept? As we study
this psychopathic brain it is becoming obvious that this
configuration was engineered by someone or group for specific
purposes. The uncanny replication of a narrow range of
behaviors, from entity to entity, is almost flawless and the
architecture has been impervious to any sort of contamination
or change throughout our known history. This psychopathic
brain is in essence, a dumbed down human brain subject to
demonic deceptions. As we shall see, in either case, it WILL

Robert Hare and his protégé Kent Kiehl have spent their
careers studying psychopaths and are responsible for most
of the MRI brain scans of psychopaths available to us today.
It is within these scans we can find our ability to target
humanity's nemesis.

Before looking at an example it should be noted that
although these good Doctors have spent their lives studying
this subject, they both show a remarkable level of naiveté
concerning both the pervasiveness of psychopathy in society
and the implications of their good work.

The example:

This YouTube video was published on 8/21/07 and runs 7:14

Toward the end of the video, Dr. Hare speculates that
psychopaths may be "wired up differently". He also notes
the largest energy signature in the psychopathic brain comes
from the occipital cortex which contains parts of the
primitive/reptilian brain. This makes sense when we consider
their animalist, predatory behavior. We could make the case
these entities occupy the lowest rung of humanity, one step
above animal. Another observation is the relativity low
energy output of the left and right hemispheres; compared to
those of us with a conscience. The question now becomes how
does this information help resolve our problem?

Our science has determined that all energy has a
corresponding, measurable, vibrational signature.The greater
the intensity the higher the vibrational level. Initially we
would need to determine a baseline as to the highest
vibrational level attained in the occipital cortex and lowest
in the L/R hemispheres for normal, awake brains and then
construct a bio-tuning fork to mimic the outliers being
produced by awake psychopathic brains.This tuning fork device
would be embedded in a bio-weapon. Activation of the tuning
fork would occur when encountering matching frequencies,
which in turn would release the weaponized virus/cancer.

A few practical issues to consider. It may require two
bio-tuning forks creating a high/low redundancy in order
to create an absolute confirmation. Also, the carrier virus
would need to bypass the blood-brain barrier and embed in
the brain for a period of time to ensure an accurate "awake"
reading. If this bio-weapon is kept constantly circulating
in a virulent, secure state; all incoming psychopathic brains
would be removed: No matter the source.

The past ratio of minority psychopaths to majority
non-psychopaths has mimicked many of the ratios found in
other predator-prey relationships and seems to correspond
historically as well. Therefore, we could conclude this
predator of humanity is simply an intended part of the
original matrix design.

The above observations leads us to the question of should
we remove an integral piece of this matrix? The answer may
be found in a discussion of purpose and the true nature of
humanity. Many of us believe we were created as eternal,
omnipotent beings; who are undergoing an extended series
of incarnations in order to evolve into our true destiny.
If this is the case, then what we are perceiving as "too
extreme" may be a product of a limited perspective, on our
part, compared to our creators; who have a greater knowledge
of the depth and breadth of evil throughout the universe.
A more likely scenario is the ratio between predator and
prey is becoming increasingly unbalanced which could lead to
a near extinction event of humanity as we know it. This
latter scenario has many historical examples with other

Since we are contained in a dualistic matrix there
are some alternative viewpoints to consider. One of which
holds we are eternal entities trapped in endless series of
reincarnations and used as perpetual energy machines by
nefarious inter-dimensional beings. This mindset was
contained in ancient Hindu texts; also in writings by the
Gnostics and more recently in Robert Monroe's second book
"Far Journeys". The basic premise is that our predator-prey
matrix was designed EXPLICITLY to create a high state of
emotional agitation resulting in the production of a unique
form of energy that Robert Monroe called Loosh. The
technology used to collect this energy and its uses are
unclear. Considering our dualist system, it is possible
for both of the above overviews to exist simultaneously.

In conclusion, there is another perspective that should
be given PRE-EMINENT consideration. It also begins with
humanity as divine entities in training. This scenario begins
with humanity trembling in fear of evil, lacking knowledge
and self-awareness. Then, enduring innumerable incarnations,
through many millennia, possessing seemingly endless courage,
perseverance and resiliency we acquire increasing knowledge
and self-awareness befitting our true nature.Today we find
ourselves being confronted with a defining moment in our
evolution. Do we succumb to the growing psychopathic agenda,
devolving and returning to fear and darkness, or will we usher
in a new era for humanity by asserting our emerging, intrinsic
creator-god like abilities and permanently remove this
abomination of moral evil from this matrix.

Finally, in more basic terms: Are we to continue moping around
endlessly chronicling and complaining about what they do or will
we pursue some plan and take action? What say you?

Vinecutter 04/2019

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