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Creation and Evolution, Science, Darwin, Scientific Method, Natural Selection
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The Myth of the Missing Moon Dust

By Dawn Huxley
Posted on: 4/20/2002

Creationists insists the moon is young because there isn't enough dust on the Moon

Creationists claim that the Apollo astronauts expected to find anywhere from 150-200 feet of dust on the Moon’s surface, since the Moon was thought to be 4.5 billions years old. Instead, they found only a “few centimeters” of dust after landing, so therefore, the Moon must be very young.

This is a fairly insidious distortion and proves that creationists don’t even read National Geographic, which thoroughly documented what the astronauts actually found as early as 1972. The Apollo 17 crew took seismic tests of the lunar soil and determined that the lunar regolith (accumulated pulverized impact material) is about 20-40 feet deep on the lunar plains, and up to 120 feet deep in the lunar highlands. Due to the Moon’s low gravity, and the fact that these sand grains remain free from weathering, the surface remained firm enough to support the lunar module. Also, many creationists claim that 14 million tons of meteoric dust fall on the Earth and Moon, annually, but recent space probes proved the influx to Earth is 400 times less than that. Due to the Moon’s low gravity, its influx is even smaller, only 500 tons per year. Most creationists know of the modern measurements, but continue to report the incorrect figure because it suits their purpose. Such is their integrity and scholarship.

Actually, the Moon’s surface should bewilder, perplex and concern most creationists. According to the Bible, there was only one world-wide catastrophe, Noah’s Flood, yet the Moon has millions of impact craters, many of them miles wide. According to the evidence, our solar system was once pulverized by flying debris that would’ve sterilized the Earth’s surface. Does the Bible record such an event? Are “scientific” creationists aware that creationist author and CRS founder Henry Morris once claimed that the craters on the Moon were “put there by Satan?”

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