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Fan Mail
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Evolutionists Wrong, Don't Account for "Sons of God" and the Great Space Seeding

By entrprze
Posted on: 1/6/2003

All correspondence received by Skeptic Friends Network or its staff becomes the property of Skeptic Friends Network, and may be printed without the consent of the author.

It is, perhaps, not at all surprising that nobody from the SFN replied to this person. Where would one begin?

To:   Skeptic Friends Network
From: entrprze
Date: October 22, 1999

You are in error in your beliefs about the origins of species as are
"some" Christian churches. First of all, the ONLY PROOF of evolution
is the existence of every possible variation of species from one
species to another. Atheists and evolutionists seem to develop a
double-digit I.Q. when talking about this fact. Seemingly intelligent
human beings stop thinking logically when it comes to evolution. If
you believe that all species are on a CONTINUAL and ever so gradual
evolutionary slide, then where are the TRANISTIIONARY SPECIES? They
don't exist like they SHOULD if evolution existed. In fact, the HUGE
GAPS between every species is contrary to the theory of evolution.

If I told you that I had proof than apple tree will eventually evolve
into an orange tree (as evolutionist do with the ape-man), would you
believe me? Of course not. You, as an "intelligent" human being, would
say you need to see the TRANSITIONARY apple/orange trees before you
will believe. And that would be my ONLY PROOF that an orange tree
evolved from an apple tree, the existence of the 99.9% apple tree and
0.1% orange tree, the 99.8% apple tree and 0.2% orange tree, the 99.7%
apple tree and 0.3% orange tree etc...

How so-called intelligent human beings can overlook this FACT is
beyond me. every species has HUGE GAPS between them, not just the ape-
man. The evolutionists are not missing a LINK to prove their theory,
they are missing a LONG CHAIN between every species. So if you would
not believe the orange tree evolved from an apple tree with out actual
physical proof of the existence of the TRANSITIONARY TREES (the only
proof of evolution, THINK ABOUT IT), why would you believe that same
theory about the ape-man?

As you know, most Christian churches believe that the Earth is only
6,000 years old, a falsehood. This error is leading many people to
embrace evolution. The spirit of GOD has been showing the truth to
many godly men in these end times. The director of the Moody Bible
Institute is just one of many that believe that Adam was not GOD'S
first creation.

Before you read "ADAM WAS NOT THE FIRST," I will explain to you why
GOD ordered the Israelites to kill all men, women and children of some
tribes in that region, because they were from a seed that did not
belong on this Earth. If you read up on your Bible history you will
see that these tribes were descendants of the Nephilim and other races
that were not supposed to exist on this planet.

In Genesis 6:4 it says "the Nephilim were on the earth in those days
AND ALSO AFTERWARDS (meaning after the Flood) when the SONS OF GOD
went to the daughters of men and had children by them, they were
heroes of old, men of renown." That is why GOD sent the Flood, to
destroy the seed that did not belong on this Earth, and why He
commanded the Israelites to kill all men women and children after the
Flood, because they were from a seed of another galaxy that did not
belong here.

Adam was not the first

If you were raised Christian or Jewish chances are you were taught
that Adam was the first man of flesh that God created, but nowhere in
the Bible does it say that, in fact the Bible says just the opposite.

The Old Testament gives several accounts of men from other galaxies
(Sons of God) visiting our planet. The first is Genesis 6:2-4. It says
the "Sons of God" came to the daughters of men and had children with
them and their offspring were the "Nephilim" meaning Giants, and they
were also called "Heroes of old, men of Renown." These were not your
average men, they were genetically superior because their seed hadn't
yet fallen into sin. In fact, this is where the legend of Hercules and
Zeus came from.

I, like every one else in the Christian church was raised to believe
that these "Sons of God" in Genesis 6 were angels. Why do we teach
that they were angels? The main reason that is taught is because of
the obvious superior nature of their offspring, another reason is
because in Job 38:7, when God is talking to Job and he says the "Sons
of God" shouted for joy when he laid the Earth's foundations.

Notice that in the NIV it replaces the phrase "Sons of God" with
"angels". Why did the translators of the New International Version
take out "Sons of God" and put in "angels?" If God wanted that verse
to say "angels," it would have said "angels." The word "angel" comes
from the Hebrew (Malak), the phrase "Sons of God" comes from the
Hebrew (Ben ha Elohiym); they're not even close to being similar.

Now you may think that a Son of God is the same as an Angel like most
churches teach, but the Bible clearly States in Hebrews 1:5, "For to
which of the angels did God EVER say 'You are my Son; today I have
become your Father'." Or again, "I will be his Father, and he will be
my Son." In fact this verse makes it clear that God does not refer to
his angels as "Sons."

But this verse is also saying that Jesus (whom this verse is referring
to) did not become a "Son of God" UNTIL he was born into a body of
flesh, because it says "TODAY I have become your Father" and "I WILL
be his father and he WILL be my son." This verse is speaking in the
future tense, these were prophecies spoken in the Old Testament about
the future Sonship of Jesus.

The "TODAY" it is talking about is the day of Jesus' birth, that is
when God became his Father and Jesus became his Son.

So now we Know that any reference to the "Sons of God" in the Old
Testament is referring to men of flesh.  And I believe that Ezekiel
28:1-19 is talking about these "Sons of God." When you first read this
passage you think its talking about Satan, because it says, "in the
pride of your heart you say I am God," but this verse goes on to say,
"but you are a MAN not a God." So obviously this is not talking about
the spirit being Lucifer or Satan.

And I believe that Psalms 82 is talking about these "Sons of God" or
the Gods that the Hindus and Greeks have made them out to be. It says,
"(God speaking) I said, you are Gods, you are all SONS of the Most
High, but you will die like mere men."

In the Dead Sea Scrolls, in the book of Enoch, Enoch gives extensive
accounts of the "Sons of God," or "Watchers" as they are some times
referred to. It says that these "Sons of God" went against the will of
God and became more than just Watchers, they took our women as wives.

These Greek-God-like men could have any woman they wanted, and they
did. And Enoch gives a chilling account of their punishment for their
disobedience. And in the book of Jude it also talks about these "Sons
of God," and it says that certain men secretly slipped in among us and
exchanged the grace of God for a license for immorality. You have to
have the grace of God in the first place to exchange it for immorality
(sexual promiscuity). These men who are mentally, physically and
spiritually superior to us could have any woman they wanted, and they

And it says in Jude that these men slander dignities, the actual
translation of Dignities is "Aphrodite" or "Venus" (found in Strong's
Exhaustive Concordance) in the  Greek. Why did the translators put
dignities or celestial beings as in the NIV? Could it be they didn't
want to admit the existence of Aphrodite - the original translation
was "Aphrodite" - why not print that? Jude goes on to say these men
are wondering stars (my translation), wandering around the galaxies
via star ships), and it says that enoch prophesied about these men, so
Jude is lending credence to the writings of Enoch, in the Dead Sea

My theory is that God created man on this Earth millions of years ago,
and gave Lucifer rule over it, because it says in Isaiah 14:12-17 that
Lucifer said, "I will ASCEND to heaven, I will ASCEND ABOVE the tops
of the clouds, so he must have been below heaven and below the clouds
when he made that statement. But when Lucifer tried to make his fatal
ascension he not only took one third of the Angels but also a
percentage of the human "Sons of God" on the Earth at that time.

Then there was a war in Heaven and Lucifer (now Satan) was thrown back
down to Earth, and the "Sons of God" that did not follow Lucifer were
placed in another galaxy, but the "Sons of God" that did follow
Lucifer were cursed just like Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4:15-16,
Daniel 33, Daniel 5:21. He was given a mind like an animal and hair
grew all over his body (sounds a little like the prehistoric caveman).
That's because God cursed the "Sons of God" millions of years ago,
that's why we have evidence of these subhuman men existing millions of
years ago, because they did. But their holy ancestors came back in
Genesis 6.

Then God, because of rampant evil, started over again with Adam and
Eve, just like he did with Noah. Don't be suprised when these "Sons of
God" (extraterrestrials) make themselves known to this Earth, they
come from the same place that Enoch and Elijah were taken to, and that
Melchizedek is from, and they are what we would have been if we hadn't
fallen into sin, and what we eventually will be someday. They are our
unfallen human brothers. and they will help us rebuild this Earth
after we destroy it in Armageddon.

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