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Fan Mail
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So What?

By Hilandrr
Posted on: 4/20/2006

All correspondence received by Skeptic Friends Network or its staff becomes the property of Skeptic Friends Network, and may be printed without the consent of the author.

What's wrong with a few odd beliefs?

To:   Skeptic Friends Network
From: Hilandrr
Date: July 17, 2005

If these creationists are wrong then so what? Do you attack the Flat
Earth Society as well? Or the man didn't really land on the moon
people? Get over it. Get a life. Do something worthwhile. If there
ain't no God you don't have anything to worry about do you?

To:   Hilandrr
From: Dave W.
Date: July 19, 2005
Indeed, so what?

What’s the harm in a belief? What’s wrong with thinking that vaccines kill more people than they save? What’s wrong with thinking that white people are superior to those of any other color? What’s wrong with thinking that those who don’t think like you do will go to Hell and burn for eternity?

Obviously, it’s not the beliefs themselves that are the problem. The real problem is when people take those beliefs and try to base public policy upon them, as has happened with each of my examples, above. People have died, in each case, as a result of unfounded beliefs overshadowing the real world and the evidence. Ideas themselves can be dangerous, when enough people are willing to ignore evidence to the contrary.

Perhaps you’re unaware that creationists have been trying to mandate the teaching of the Bible as science through the public schools — or conversely, mandating the elimination of the teaching of actual science — for over 80 years (it’s simply coincidental, I’m sure, that your email arrives shortly after the 80th anniversary of the Scopes “monkey” trial). And creationism doesn’t just threaten biology, it threatens just about every science known to humanity.

And yes, we criticize the flat Earthers and the Moon hoaxers, too.

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