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Fan Mail
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Dr. Dino doesn't like our Jack Chick spoof!

By Tommy Huxley
Posted on: 4/5/2002

All correspondence received by Skeptic Friends Network or its staff becomes the property of Skeptic Friends Network, and may be printed without the consent of the author.

Dr. Hovind thinks Tommy should make some corrections, but Tommy's got a laundry list for Hovind to take care of, as well.

Re: SFN Article “Kent Hovind is a Big Phony!

From: Dr. Kent Hovind
Date: August 3, 2001

I read your booklet and would be glad to help you correct the many
errors it contains. Please call me any time or come to a seminar if I
get near where you live. I always make time for Q&A and am always open
for a public debate if you can find an evolutionists brave enough to
do it. We can even do it in front of their audience.

I suggest you read GS paper 862, p.30 SI 454 and bring a video where I
said the New Agers would kill 4 billion people by May 5, 2000.

You are either badly misled of lying but either way you are wrong and
if you really care about truth you should correct your mistakes. Call
me and I will point out all of them for you. xxx-xxx-xxxx or
xxx-xxx-xxxx cell.

If I do not hear from you I can only assume that you are not searching
for truth but only lying to justify your religion of evolution.

To:   Dr. Hovind
From: Tommy Huxley
Date: Unknown
I got your e-mail today where you claimed that my spoof of your Jack Chick tract was full of “lies.”

You also encouraged me to call you on the telephone or meet you in person to give you the opportunity to correct these “lies,” but I’d prefer that you just send me an e-mail that lists all the objections you have to my “Big Daddy” satire in detail.

Even if I don’t get around to changing the cartoon’s content, I’ll at least post your entire rebuttal with the cartoon so you’ll have a fair opportunity to respond.

I also thought that I’d respond to this:
I suggest you read GS paper 862, p.30 SI 454.
SI-454 is the laboratory number of a specimen, and this additional information is provided:
Date (years bp): 17,210 ± 500
Stratigraphic location: frozen silt rich in organic material
Material: Hair from hind limb of Ovibos species
Ovibos, numbered SI 454, isn’t even a woolly mammoth. It’s the generic name of the musk ox. A woolly mammoth would be listed as Mammuthus primigenius.

The other specimen, SI-453, is a mammoth, but only one sample:
SI-453  Frozen silt 26m below surface,
flesh from a lower leg Mammuthus primigenius,
Osborne 1940. 15,380 ± 30 years
L-601, 21,300 ± 1300
("hide soaked in glycerine by collector, date invalid?")
Skin and flesh of baby Mammuthus primigenius,
O.W. Geist August 1948,
(same location, but different stratigraphic location)
"with beaver dam. Also in association with gravel 'stringers'."
That’s below the Ovibos (musk ox) mentioned previously.

ST-1632, 32,700 ± 980
Hair from skull of mammoth in frozen silt rich in organic matter
O.W. Geist 1951
Dome Creek, Livengood A-2 quad NW ¼ SECT 5 T2N R 1E,
(i.e., a completely different location) Pewe 1965a
Those are the only mammoths mentioned in USGS #862, and they’re not all from one and the same specimen. Again, SI 454 is a musk ox.

It’s true that I got some of the cartoon’s content second-hand from others, but I also raised a number of points that can be found directly on your Web site.

As for your objection to my claim that you said “New Agers would kill 4 billion people by May 5, 2000,” an evolutionist who attended your sermon at Calvary Chapel in North Philadelphia recently responded to my cartoon and corrected me as well.

This individual said that you specifically stated that the New World Order, not “New Agers,” was going to reduce the earth’s population to a half-billion people by May 5, 2000.

Therefore, it’s true that you did not specifically state that this New World Order was going to “kill” anybody outright, but “reducing the world’s population” to an extremely low figure at least implies a direct extermination attempt.

This source also claims that you said the members of this New World Order included Ted Turner, his news staff at CNN, Jane Fonda, the ACLU, the Internal Revenue Service, Prince Charles, Planned Parenthood, the Freemasons, and the staff at National Geographic Magazine (which he said you referred to as National Pornographic Magazine, presumably because it includes nude photographs of indigenous tribes. As a side note, I don’t believe that last point exactly fits the definition of pornography).

If you want to challenge the accuracy of that statement, I’d be willing to offer a correction, but at the same time, I’d like to know specifically where you get your inside information that involves global conspiracies that no other journalist on this entire planet, Christian or otherwise, has been capable of documenting.

Similarly, I found the following two URL links that discuss a lecture you gave to some Russian immigrants in Seattle, Washington.
According to the information provided in the above links, you told these immigrants that our government’s mandatory vaccination program was concocted by Satan to deliberately kill American schoolchildren.

I’m aware of the fact that a tiny minority of children have indeed suffered dangerous side effects from some inoculations, but where did you get your information that our government is intentionally trying to kill school-age children by design?

Also, is it true that you encouraged your audience to read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Are you aware that this book is a discredited forgery?

Also, the cartoon I posted on the Skeptic Friends Network wasn’t directed so much at you personally as it was your Jack Chick tract. If you want me to correct any misinformation in my satire, I’d appreciate it if you could make some pertinent corrections to your tract as well. Like you, I believe that turnabout is fair play.

On a final note, I was curious about where you got your information that God wrote the Gospel message for Adam in the stars and for Noah in stone. The Christian Research Institute (CRI) in California has spoken out against you on Christian radio about this. I’d appreciate your relevant Biblical citations.

Thanks for writing, and I look forward to seeing a list of your corrections to my cartoon.

To:   Tommy Huxley
From: Dr. Kent Hovind
Date: August 6, 2001

I don't have time to answer all the email I get in writing but I will
still take a call if you are a seeker of truth. Feel free to record
the call and transcribe it if you make no changes. KH

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