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Fan Mail
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By Ray Simmons
Posted on: 4/24/2002

All correspondence received by Skeptic Friends Network or its staff becomes the property of Skeptic Friends Network, and may be printed without the consent of the author.

A friend of the writer seems to have had good results, why shouldn't everyone?

Re: SFN Article “On BEING A SKEPTIC You don’t have to be a rocket scientist

To:   David Glück (Kil)
From: Ray Simmons
Date: Unknown

Regarding your skepticism of Calorad:

I have a friend who is taking the stuff, and he is losing weight.
Supposedly it causes your body to not absorb much of the fat taken in
by normal everyday eating, thus forcing your body to use the stored
fat. I don't know about that lean muscle mass part, you still absorb
the protein (so I guess you don't lose muscle mass like you would
starving yourself), etc. from food just not the fat. I'd like to try
the stuff myself, but understand I can't get it here in America. Where
did you see it?

To:   Ray Simmons
From: David Glück (Kil)
Date: Unknown
When I wrote the report that mentions Calorad I hadn’t actually done any research into the product. I was pretty confident, based on the reasons I gave in the report, that Calorad is a useless product. Before I submitted the article for posting at our site I did some research. What I found out came as no surprise to me.

Calorad is nothing more than a protein supplement. It will not cause anyone to lose weight. As I guessed, the only thing about Calorad that could possibly lead to any weight loss was not in the bottle, it was on the bottle. The directions for taking the supplement, not eating for three hours before bedtime, could lead to weight loss.

I would love to know just how taking Calorad “causes your body to not absorb much of the fat taken in by normal everyday eating, thus forcing your body to use the stored fat.”

Here is a list of the ingredients with comments from an article on calorad by Bill Sukala who serves as a volunteer area network coordinator for the National Council Against Health Fraud:
1. Collagen hydrolysate — simply hydrolyzed collagen which is nothing more than degraded protein (collagen is a bodily protein). Why not eat an egg or a slice of chicken, or a can of tuna for $1.39?

2. Aloe Vera — has a laxative effect when ingested orally and can cause gastrointestinal upset in some individuals. I guess frequent trips to the bathroom could theoretically cause weight loss.

3. Glycerin — chemically, it is a sugar alcohol (1,2,3 propanetriol). It is probably used as a mild sweetener, as many users have mentioned Calorad’s off-taste.

4. Potassium Sorbate & Methyl Paraben — Nothing more than preservatives to keep the collagen from spoiling.

5. Natural Flavor & Demineralised Water — Just a couple of extras for flavor and volume, but would hardly have any effect in the body.
Research results of Calorad’s claims are non-existent. They have never published their (most likely fictional) test results in any peer-reviewed publication.

All that’s left to support their claim is anecdotal evidence like your own. Sorry, that is not enough for me. Unless they can produce actual test results I will continue to dismiss Calorad as just another diet fraud.

I saw the bottle of Calorad in a liquor store in Toluca Lake, California. When I confronted the owner about selling a product that is most likely making a fraudulent claim, he said, “so?”

If you would like to learn more about Calorad please read Bill Sukala’s articles at

Thanks for writing.

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