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 @tomic Getting Married
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Posted - 11/18/2006 :  18:08:27  Show Profile  Visit @tomic's Homepage Send @tomic a Private Message
I can't recall if it's been announced before here but I am saying it now so no feels out of the loop. A week from today I am getting married in Las Vegas. It's a deluxo Elvis wedding and I will post a link to the video of it as soon as I can.


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Dave W.
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Posted - 11/18/2006 :  18:41:56   [Permalink]  Show Profile  Visit Dave W.'s Homepage Send Dave W. a Private Message
Congrats, @!

- Dave W. (Private Msg, EMail)
Evidently, I rock!
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Posted - 11/18/2006 :  19:03:14   [Permalink]  Show Profile  Visit Hawks's Homepage Send Hawks a Private Message
Ah, marriage. Congratulations to the both of you!

It's a small, off-duty czechoslovakian traffic warden!
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Posted - 11/18/2006 :  20:55:49   [Permalink]  Show Profile Send HalfMooner a Private Message
Congratulations to you both, @tomic! (Will the blushing bride be wearing a button saying, "Powered by @tomic"?)

Biology is just physics that has begun to smell bad.” —HalfMooner
Here's a link to Moonscape News, and one to its Archive.
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SFN Die Hard

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Posted - 11/18/2006 :  21:47:26   [Permalink]  Show Profile  Send Ricky an AOL message Send Ricky a Private Message
I had something clever to say, but the page wouldn't load for 10 minutes and I forgot it...

Anyways, congrats, @.

Why continue? Because we must. Because we have the call. Because it is nobler to fight for rationality without winning than to give up in the face of continued defeats. Because whatever true progress humanity makes is through the rationality of the occasional individual and because any one individual we may win for the cause may do more for humanity than a hundred thousand who hug their superstitions to their breast.
- Isaac Asimov
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SFN Die Hard

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Posted - 11/19/2006 :  02:32:05   [Permalink]  Show Profile Send beskeptigal a Private Message
Woohoo!! I'm happy for you. Have fun on that honeymoon!
Edited by - beskeptigal on 11/19/2006 02:32:28
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SFN Die Hard

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Posted - 11/19/2006 :  02:33:24   [Permalink]  Show Profile Send Gorgo a Private Message

I know the rent is in arrears
The dog has not been fed in years
It's even worse than it appears
But it's alright-
Jerry Garcia
Robert Hunter

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Posted - 11/19/2006 :  02:38:32   [Permalink]  Show Profile  Visit Chippewa's Homepage Send Chippewa a Private Message
All the best to you both @.
(Is your bride-to-be a & or a %?) --- Nope. I bet @'s "better half" is a !
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Dr. Mabuse
Septic Fiend

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Posted - 11/19/2006 :  03:17:37   [Permalink]  Show Profile  Send Dr. Mabuse an ICQ Message Send Dr. Mabuse a Private Message
Congratulations @!

Dr. Mabuse - "When the going gets tough, the tough get Duct-tape..."
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"Equivocation is not just a job, for a creationist it's a way of life..." Dr. Mabuse

Support American Troops in Iraq:
Send them unarmed civilians for target practice..
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SFN Regular

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Posted - 11/19/2006 :  08:50:05   [Permalink]  Show Profile Send Original_Intent a Private Message

A thousand blessings on your new life.

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SFN Regular

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Posted - 11/19/2006 :  09:23:09   [Permalink]  Show Profile Send Randy a Private Message
Hey, good deal @tomic! All my best.

That's much, much bigger news around here than what's-their-names....

Have a round on us here at SFN.


"We are all connected; to each other biologically, to the earth chemically, to the rest of the universe atomically."

"So you're made of detritus [from exploded stars]. Get over it. Or better yet, celebrate it. After all, what nobler thought can one cherish than that the universe lives within us all?"
-Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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SFN Die Hard

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Posted - 11/19/2006 :  12:39:44   [Permalink]  Show Profile  Visit marfknox's Homepage  Send marfknox an AOL message Send marfknox a Private Message

"Too much certainty and clarity could lead to cruel intolerance" -Karen Armstrong

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SFN Regular

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Posted - 11/20/2006 :  18:29:04   [Permalink]  Show Profile Send R.Wreck a Private Message
Congrats. May your @tomic fusion be long lived, generate much energy, and create only benign by-products!

The foundation of morality is to . . . give up pretending to believe that for which there is no evidence, and repeating unintelligible propositions about things beyond the possibliities of knowledge.
T. H. Huxley

The Cattle Prod of Enlightened Compassion
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