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The Kil Report
The Kil Report: Alternative Medicine,Scientific Method, Evil Skeptic, Scams, Fraud, Hoaxes, Critical Thinking, Enforma
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Enforma: Another letter to Steve Garvey

By David Glück
Posted on: 4/5/2002

Kil learns some more disturbing things about the Enforma products Steve Garvey is helping to sell.

Dear Steve,

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write you again. I hate to upset you, but I have more bad news about the Enforma diet and the folks that market it. Remember how I mentioned that the Enforma operators suggest paying an extra $4.95 to rush the order or else it would take four to six weeks to receive Enforma? Well, guess what? Our Enforma package came in 7 days. Wow, think of the poor saps who paid the extra $4.95! I guess they will never know that they really didn’t have to pay that extra charge…

The pills came with a small book of instructions for taking Enforma. It explains that Enforma is a system and not a diet. The actual diet is contained within the book. The diet itself is a common-sense, calorie-watching diet, with exchange groups of foods and good daily exercise strategies. Frankly, if you threw away the pills and followed the diet in the book you would still lose weight. Exercise in a Bottle is simply an aid, the book claims. My wife said the aid made her hungry.

The Fat Trapper, as near as I could tell from reading the Enforma book, exists so you can eat at parties and restaurants without feeling like you had fallen off the diet wagon. The book makes no claim (unlike the infomercial) that by taking these pills, without dieting and exercise, you will lose weight. So, the system is this: Take the pills if you happen to be dieting and exercising, and you will lose weight. I think that pretty much sums up the Enforma system.

My wife has decided to send the stuff back. She called Enforma to find out how to return it and receive her money back. She was told that she has to send the unused portion back to Enforma certified mail and insured. Insured? That will cost my wife about $10.00. Upon receiving the unused portion of the pills, Enforma promises to refund my wife’s money in full, except for the shipping charges. They keep the shipping charges. In the infomercial, Steve, you stressed that there was an absolutely no risk money-back guarantee. That risk-free guarantee will cost my wife about $20.00 in shipping charges. Did you mean that there was no risk to you personally, Steve? Or was it no risk to Enforma? Did my wife misunderstand that?

Let’s review, shall we? The Enforma system probably doesn’t work. The claims made about the active ingredients are unproven. If you diet and exercise you will probably lose weight. If you diet and exercise and spend $86.49 (the actual invoice total) on the Enforma system, you will probably lose weight. If you only take the Enforma pills and do not alter the way you eat and exercise, you will probably not lose weight. If you decide after purchasing Enforma that the pills are not all that Enforma claims them to be, you can send them back risk free. It will cost you at least twenty dollars (no risk to Enforma) to try their product no matter what you decide about the pills later.

Steve, I’m sure you are shocked by all that I have revealed to you about how the Enforma company has used you and your straight-hitting image to fleece those who would happily follow you into a burning building. Here is hoping that this little letter shows up on search engines throughout the web. People looking for the Enforma system will hopefully get a chance to read this before they consider ordering. We can only hope that when you enter that burning building, you will be alone…

Thanks for letting me use some more of your very valuable time.

David Glück
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