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Skeptic Summary

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Skeptic Summary #101

By The Staff
Posted on: 7/22/2006

Explosions, beatings, lies, confusion and more!

Week ending July 22, 2006 (Vol 3, #28)

Welcome to the Skeptic Summary, a quick week-in-review guide to the Skeptic Friends Network and the rest of the skeptical world.

Forum Highlights:
Ka-Boom!!! - The sound of science dying.

You can’t beat somethin with nothin! - Which is precisely what Coberst did.

Editor’s Choice: It’s like Jack Chick, but with color! - I’m pretty sure that I became dumber just by clicking the link.
Kil’s Evil Pick:
World’s Largest Collection of World’s Smallest Versions of World’s Largest Things
Chat Highlights:
Sunday: With Dr. Mabuse out, all his followers, the Sunday regulars, did not show up. So chat was between myself and Kil. Topics raged from how philosophy is a bunch of crap, to how philosophy is a pile of shit, most likely from that of a bull.

Wednesday: The night started off with who links to the SFN (who else but…). Just when we thought it was going to be a normal chat night, Roddy from the old AOL chatroom comes stumbling in. After a reunion with Kil, the topic turned to non-profit organizations. Apparently, if the SFN were to become one, we can get money and grants, for things such as the “Send Kil and Dave to TAM5” charity. The grant puns quickly ensued. After a short discussion on music and the piracy of it, it was getting late and chat started going downhill. Most of the things that were said I’m not allowed to repeat, but let’s just say that one of the topics was “If life was like a porn film…”

Come chat with us.
New Member This Week:

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Elsewhere in the World:
Bad Science

New Judge Jones Interview

What’s New by Bob Park

Got some skeptic news items? Send them to us, and we’ll think about adding them.
Book of the Week:
Big Bang: the Origin of the Universe, by Simon Singh.

“This is an excellent primer to both our current understanding of the origins of the universe, as well as to how we arrived at that understanding. Indeed, Singh weaves a wonderful tale of eccentric characters such as Hubble, Gamow, and Hoyle. He also presents a clear and succinct history of scientific advancement from the late nineteenth century to the present.

Singh also lucidly explains complex topics such as redshift and microwave background radiation so that anyone can understand what they are.”


This Week’s Most-Viewed Pages:
Forum Topics:
  1. Rapture imminent, the tiff in the Holy Land (588 views)
  2. Surface of the Sun (part 8) (438 views)
  3. Letter to Dawkins about ‘The Root of All Evil?’ (402 views)
  4. The Texas Theopublican Party (311 views)
  5. See my corporate media thread on JREF (263 views)
  6. Is it just me or has SFN turned into liberal city? (162 views)
  7. Ka-Boom!!! (137 views)
  8. Cruise ships become dangerously top-heavy (131 views)
  9. Al Gore vs. Darwin (127 views)
  10. You can’t beat somethin with nothin! (122 views)
  1. Miracle Thaw — The Bogus Miracle (57 views)
  2. Kent Hovind is a Big Phony! (55 views)
  3. The Bible Answer Man (46 views)
  4. Skeptic Summary #100 (44 views)
  5. Dr. Dino doesn’t like our Jack Chick spoof! (43 views)
  6. Evolution, Scientology Style (43 views)
  7. Why Do Creationists Fear Evolution? (38 views)
  8. Cold Reading (37 views)
  9. Tommy Debates the Bible Answer man (36 views)
  10. You’re an Idiot (30 views)
There were 3,808 daily visitors this week.

More issues of the Skeptic Summary can be found in our archive.

The Skeptic Summary is produced by the staff of the Skeptic Friends Network, copyright 2006, all rights reserved.

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The mission of the Skeptic Friends Network is to promote skepticism, critical thinking, science and logic as the best methods for evaluating all claims of fact, and we invite active participation by our members to create a skeptical community with a wide variety of viewpoints and expertise.

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